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Home generators offer a huge power source that can power your entire house in a power shortage.

Home Generators
Home generators are the best way to ensure electricity input for all your appliances in case of a power outage. Unlike portable generators, they do not produce an excessive amount of noise and also free you from the worry of refueling regularly.

Stationary generators make a great substitute for the regular source of electricity as they are capable of providing the same level of power capacity. They also turn on automatically when the power goes out. Home generators use fuels like propane or diesel to run and they can also be connected to the natural gas connection to produce electricity. However, diesel-fueled generators are more costly than other types of generators.

RV generators are ideal for RVs and power your outdoor experiences effectively!
RV Generators
Having a reliable and compact generator is essential before starting a long road trip in your RV. RV generators are not a separate category of generators based on technical features. These are all those generators which would serve all your electrical needs on the road without being a hindrance in your outdoor fun. This includes features like size, fuel-type, noise level and performance.

RV generators are essential because they help charge your mobile phones and laptops, run the air-conditioner, lights and other equipment while camping. Diesel, gasoline and propane are typically used to run RV generators. Considering the fuel-type is important because the availability of different fuel types varies. RV generators are usually compact in size which aids in portability and movement. The defining feature of RV generators is their quietness and their ability to run for longer periods of time.

Solar generators bring the innovation! They run on solar power, which makes them green and practical.
Solar Generators
Solar generators are solar setups with a specialized storage system attached which acts as the battery or power source to run electrical equipment. Solar generators are made up of two components: the solar panels which harness the Sun’s energy and the storage system which stores this energy for later use. The panels and the storage systems can be bought separately.

Solar powered generators do not have the capacity to run entire homes but they are very useful for powering your boat or RV. These generators are small, portable and have built-in ports for connecting your electrical appliances. Extra batteries can be added to increase the storage capacity of the generator. Apart from their environment-friendly operation, solar generators are also very low maintenance and produce minimal amounts of noise.

These generators are multipurpose and can be used easily at home and outside, owing to their portable nature.
Portable Generators
Portable generators can be used to keep your home appliances running in the case of a power outage. But their usage is not limited to just emergency power backup. Portable generators are also popular at construction sites, camping trips and small social events like picnics and barbecues. Portable generators do not have the same power capacity as standby generators but they are much cheaper and are also versatile in their usage.

Portable generators run on different types of fuel like diesel, gasoline and propane. They also come in different sizes and have varying power output capacity. The size of the generator should be based upon your requirement as too big a generator would cost more and too small a generator might get damaged if there is an energy overload. Mobility is the distinguishing factor of portable generators so if you need a generator that you may need to move around, these generators would be the optimum choice.

Transfer Switch kits let you switch your power consumption from the electrical grid to your generator, making power consumption safe and reliable.
Transfer Switch Kit
Generators are dangerous to use without a transfer switch. A transfer switch allows you to easily and safely shift the power consumption of your house from its primary source, which in most cases would be the electrical grid, to the generator in case of a blackout.

Automatic transfer switches are installed with stationary generators whereas manual transfer switches are required in case of portable generators. Automatic transfer switches are expensive but more convenient for the user. Manual switches are cheap but are accompanied by the hassle of switching on and off every time power goes out.

Transfer switch kits vary in size and type depending on the type of your generator and home power usage.

These power cells can store solar energy! All the energy your solar panels generate can br stored in these cells.
Home Power Cell
A home power cell or a solar cell is a compact, noiseless battery unit which stores the solar energy harnessed by solar panels. The size of the storage unit depends on the required consumption. Additional batteries can be installed to increase the capacity of the storage units.

These storage units are light and portable and are very helpful in circumstances where heavy power consumption is not required. They can be used to run lights and fans, charge laptops and power up other low-consumption electrical appliances.

Home power cells give the best value for money. They do not require any fuel and are a clean, environment-friendly source of electrical energy in case of emergencies.

Inverter generators are the real deal! They use inverter technology to be effective and give quality power.
Inverter Generator
Inverter generators use inverter technology to maximize their efficiency and the quality of power produced. These generators electronically change the speed of the engine to meet the power requirement instead of running at full throttle all the time. They are also safer to use because of highly reduced rates of carbon monoxide emissions.

Inverter generators come in different sizes and production outputs. Large sized generators would be efficient for running a house but small or medium generators would be ideal for tailgating or powering up RVs.

These generators are fitted with an additional acoustic cabinet which gives them a super quiet operation. All in all, inverter generators are convenient to use, fuel-efficient and quiet but this all comes at a price. Inverter generators are usually much more expensive than their conventional counterparts.

These generators are special, because they can be powered by not just one, but two types of fuel!
Dual Fuel Generators
Dual fuel generators can be powered by two different types of fuels, for example, propane and gasoline. Different proportions of the fuels can be used and the fuels can also be used separately to power up the generator.

Dual fuel generators are more eco-friendly as compared to single fueled generators. The most important benefit of a these generators is the increased chances of availability of the two different types of fuels. In case propane is not available, the generator can be run on gasoline. But under normal circumstances, propane can be preferred as it gives reduced amounts of emissions as compared to petrol.

These generators combine electrical generators with diesel engines to provide high quality power.

Diesel Generators
A diesel generator is the combination of an electrical generator with a diesel engine to produce electricity. Determining the size of the generator as per your requirements is crucial because otherwise it may result in a low load or shortage of power which may damage the generator.

Diesel generators are known for their durability and versatility. They have a low cost of service and maintenance and are very energy efficient. However, diesel generators are very noisy as compared to other types of generators and also have higher installation costs.


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